There are a lot of stories out there about how and why Manti Te’o ended up in a fake relationship with a fake girlfriend who neither lived with nor died of leukemia, but apparently, we can check “uncomfortable talking to real girls” off the list because not long after he told people the fake chick bit the bullet, he began a real relationship with a stone cold fox named Alexandra del Pilar.

According to TMZ, Pilar and Te’o supposedly met on November 10 at the Notre Dame/ Boston College game. She’s a student at St. Mary’s nearby, and they hit it off pretty quickly, dating for a few months before recently parting company. A St. Mary’s Belle candidate, as per The Observer, she’s both pretty damn hot and by all accounts, a likeable and engaging woman.

Over the next few days, we’ll likely learn a whole lot more about how much Te’o was involved in this mess, but whatever does come out, the evidence is unlikely to point to any kind of awkwardness or dating incompetence on his part, though this brief relationship with del Pilar does make it seem odd that he apparently spent hours every night talking to a girl he never met and assumedly, being celibate when there were so many other beautiful women around him that he could have physically hung out with.

We’ll keep you updated as the layers began to unfurl. Until then, double check that your online girlfriends are legit.

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