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Marc Summers, currently seen on Food Network’s Unwrapped but best known to an entire generation as the host of Double Dare, is recovering well after a terrifying taxi accident left him unconscious. The host was in the backseat of a cab in Philadelphia when the driver lost control. The resulting collision propelled Summers’ face into the partition separating the back and front seats. Authorities rushed the sixty-year-old to the hospital immediately, but after a few successful plastic surgeries, doctors are already predicting he’ll be back to normal within a few weeks.

Summers told People he has no memory of actually slamming his head into the partition, but he does remember everything that led up to the crash, specifically being on the phone with his supervising producer. The host was chatting away when he felt the driver lose control, likely causing an equally terrifying ordeal for the poor dude on the other end of the phone…
"I knew when [the driver] lost control that I was in trouble. I was on the phone with my supervising producer and I said, 'Oh my God, we're going to crash!' Next thing I knew, I woke up and had blood all over me."

I’m sure the experience was terrifying, but without any brain damage or long-term problems to contend with, it should be a distant memory sooner rather than later. Pop Blend wishes Summers nothing but the best during his recovery and hopefully, as he films another three hundred episodes of the awesomely underrated Unwrapped.

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