Martha Stewart headed over to the set of NBC’s Today and joined the stage with veteran host Matt Lauer, her relative Dan Slater (who wrote a book on online dating), and Sam Yagan,’s chief executive and one of the dudes who founded to talk about whether or not it would potentially be an option for the 71-year-old to use the dating site. While Yagan says it might be difficult for a celebrity to find their soul mate online, he can promise Match could offer Stewart plenty of great first dates.

During Monday’s Today episode, Stewart immediately dismissed the idea of finding a “soul mate,” but she did seem keen on the possibility of finding one or even a few companions.
“I’d like to have breakfast with somebody. I’d like to go to bed with somebody. Sleep with somebody.”

It’s worth it to watch the video just to see Lauer’s face after that revelation. The author and business mogul has been dating for a long time, but hasn’t been in a long-term relationship in quite a while. She’s currently working on a profile, however, and hopefully she’ll be able to squeeze a few dates out of the site. She has a lot of “ish’s” she would prefer her dates to be though, including “tallish,” “youngish,” and “outdoorish.” While she would be willing to use her real name and photo, Yagan advised against it. So, if you are a user, keep your eyes peeled—you may have one wild date coming up.

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