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The aftermath of Mary Richardson Kennedy’s tragic loss has reportedly devolved into a series of back-and-forths between her family members. The fifty-two-year-old who was estranged from her husband Robert F Kennedy Jr. passed in her home last week, and many of her siblings reportedly declined to attend her funeral because it was organized by her husband. Instead, they elected to a hold a private memorial in New York City today, which Robert did not attend.

According to People, also absent from the most recent ceremony were Mary’s four children Conor, Kyra, Finn and Aiden. They were taken to Palm Beach by their father, reportedly to stay with their grandmother rather than grieve with their mother’s family. The sad incident was just the latest in a string of bitter arguments that even featured a squabble over where the late mother would be buried.

Mary Richardson Kennedy was a delightful woman who loved her family. She likely would have been sickened by this mess and rightfully so. Funerals and memorials aren’t the times to indulge grudges or animosities. They’re events to celebrate a cherished person who has passed on.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Mary’s children. The four of them were reportedly the stars in her sky. Here’s to hoping they pick up their mother’s charity work and go on to have long and successful lives. She would have wanted nothing less.

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