In a scene that could be described as either out of a soap opera or out of a World Wrestling Entertainment storyline, more than two hundred people at a Massachusetts baby shower beat the hell out of one another over the weekend in an ugly brawl that took more than twenty cops almost an hour to stop. After the dust settled and the pacifiers were put back in order, three adult males and one fourteen-year-old boy were arrested on a slew of charges including assault and battery on a police officer and witness intimidation.

Details are still extremely fuzzy about what happened, but apparently, the initial melee was sparked when some uninvited guests showed up. According to The Daily Mail, the responding officer asked the baby daddy to help him clear out those who were not supposed to be there, but the father refused, wanting everyone to stay. Minutes later, someone was sucker punched and the situation got nasty in a hurry. At its height, more than two hundred men, women and teenagers were reportedly throwing bottles and punches with numerous young children caught in the middle of the chaos.

The officer who was already there called for backup, and when they arrived, those officers called for more backup. According to Patch, lawmen from the Massachusetts State Police, the Canton Police, the Easton Police, the Randolph Police and the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office joined the Stoughton Police before all was said and done.

The chaos was reportedly over by 12:30 AM on Sunday, and in the thirty-six hours since, the officers have been widely heralded as heroes for calming the explosive situation without shooting anyone. Honestly, it sounds like two hundred people could have easily been arrested, but somehow, they wound up with only four who were either more aggressive or just unlucky. You can take a look at mugshots of the three adult men below, courtesy of the Stoughton Police Department…

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