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Taking Back Sunday lead singer Adam Lazzara found himself in a bizarre and scary predicament over the weekend after a freak accident left him trapped below a giant tree. The band was in rural Michigan to work on some new tracks in a remote recording studio when the guys decided to take five. It was apparently pretty windy, but Lazzara still stepped outside for a smoke break… that almost killed him.

According to TMZ, Lazzara was puffing away when a stiff gust of wind blew over a nearby tree. It landed on his leg, and the commotion brought his bandmates outside. All four tried their hardest to lift it off their singer’s leg, but it proved too massive. Emergency respondents didn’t have any luck either; so, they were forced to saw off segments until the weight became more manageable. Once free, Lazzara was rushed to the hospital where doctors determined his leg was broken and slapped a cast on it. It’ll remain there for at least a month, but there’s no word yet on how its presence might affect Taking Back Sunday’s recording plans.

We typically think of people as either hapless and accident prone or coordinated and competent, but sometimes nature has a way of striking at random. Given a stiffer gust of window or an altered smoke break position, Lazzara could have potentially died. Instead, he wound up with a story that, while awful now, will probably be hilarious in a year or so. Pop Blend wishes him all the best in his recovery.

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