I don’t know how often former Lost star Matthew Fox drinks, but he’s starting to build a reputation for finding himself in less than flattering circumstances after hitting the bottle. Last summer, he was accused of drunkenly punching a party bus driver in the vagina, and now he’s reportedly been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The incident occurred in Oregon on Friday, and it was apparently precipitated by a craving for late night fast food. According to TMZ, Fox and an unidentified passenger reportedly piled into his car a little after 3AM local time, but en route, they were pulled over. Details beyond that are a bit fuzzy, but Fox found himself in custody shortly thereafter, and he was released within a few hours.

Given his history, it’s unclear whether the incident, if proven true, will amount to more than a slap on the wrist, but hopefully, it at least changes the actor’s behavior. With a longtime wife and two children at home, there’s really no reason to be drinking heavily, especially if it’s a regular pattern, and there's definitely no reason to be getting behind the wheel after said drinking.

We’ll let you know if anything memorable emerges from his upcoming court appearance. Until then, call a cab or find a sober driver. Late night fast food might be delicious, but it’s not worth potentially injuring yourself or others.

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