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Michael Clarke Duncan Will Be Honored In Both Private And Public Ceremonies

Funeral plans were announced for Michael Clarke Duncan today, and they should satisfy both those who knew the actor well and those who simply admired his work. Both public and private events will be held on subsequent days next week, which will allow all to say goodbye to the beloved star in a tactful and appropriate way.

According to CNN, the public ceremony will begin on Sunday at 9 AM, and it will last until 2 PM. Fans are invited to the Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks and Mortuaries in Hollywood Hills to view Clarke Duncan’s casket and pay their respects. The following day, an invitation only funeral will be held for friends, family members and co-workers who knew the gentle giant best. The service will be led by Bishop Charles Blake, and the eulogy will be delivered by Dr. H Beecher Hicks.

Clarke Duncan was a wonderful actor, but by all accounts, he was also a decent, well-liked and honorable man. After his mother got sick, he dropped out of college and dug ditches to help support his family. Later, he got a job as a bouncer and wound up in Hollywood, guarding such famous names as LL Cool J and Notorious BIG. Small roles led to his Academy Award-nominated performance in The Green Mile, which led to a very well-received career right up until the late actor suffered a debilitating heart attack in mid-July.

Pop Blends thoughts go out to all those who were touched by Clarke Duncan’s life. He was truly one of the good ones.

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