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Michelle Shocked doesn’t think God hates homosexuals. She thinks some people hate homosexuals, and those people shouldn’t be persecuted for their beliefs either. At least that’s what she seems to be saying in her first public message released after the comments she made at a recent concert went viral and led venues to cancel most of her upcoming shows.

The singer was on stage when she allegedly said she lives in fear of God destroying the world if gays are allowed to marry. She recommended audience members get on Twitter and tell their followers “Michelle Shocked says God hates fags!” Not surprisingly, her comments did not go over well, but instead of releasing a clarification statement immediately, she just retweeted all sorts of strange comments. Today, after the backlash reached a frenzied pitch, she reached out to Fox News and sent the organization an explanation of what happened. You can read a portion below…
”I am damn sorry. If I could repeat the evening, I would make a clearer distinction between a set of beliefs I abhor, and my human sympathy for the folks who hold them.”

Shocked is far from the first singer to generate controversy. Her peers have done everything from wear C-bomb necklaces to snort millions in coke, but ranting about an entire group is a different type of over-the-top behavior that people are less likely to smile about.

I would like to give Shocked the benefit of the doubt that she really was trying to defend certain people and not their belief systems, but at best, the way she expressed herself was horrible. What do you think? Do you forgive her? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Forgive Shocked?

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