Seriously, young Hollywood? Seriously?

Maybe the story of Vanessa Hudgens and the hacked phones of 50 other celebs earlier this year wasn't enough to sway you to delete the naked pics off your phone. After all, she's still pretty small time. Not everyone knows who she is. Her pics caused a small ripple in the TMZ-verse and those young enough to give a crap about High School Musical, but everyone had their yucks and moved on.

But then what about Scarlett Johansson? Compared to the minor Hudgens disturbance in the celeb-o-sphere, this was more like a Project Starfish, causing untold hours of lost productivity in America's workplaces as people young and old stopped what they were doing to get a glimpse at the Golden Globe winner's golden globes.

And now we hear that Mila Kunis's phone has also been hacked, and that the picture of a penis within belongs to none other than her Friends with Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake. Other pictures include the actor-slash-pop singer lying on a bed, and another with a pair of pink undies on his head.

Yes, we're all amused. Yes, we're all curious to see Justin's "Dick in a Box," but this is starting to get a little ridiculous. With incidents in this close of succession, we're starting to feel like maybe you all want this to happen. Or that maybe you're being employed by Congress to wag the dog. Or that maybe you really are this dumb. No, I'm not condoning the actions of criminal hackers, and no one is saying you can't have some naughty photographic fun, but your status as a victim ends at your inability to keep a tighter lid on your escapades. Next time, try a regular camera and maybe a USB flashdrive. Locked in a safe deposit box. In a Swiss bank.

Timberlake claims the picture of the penis isn't his (why do I keep hearing Austin Powers in my head?), but there has to be a hacker out there who can help verify this through one of his other exes. I expect to hear about Jessica Biel's or Cameron Diaz's hacked phones in 5...4...3...

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