After four days of jury deliberations, Judge Elizabeth White has declared a mistrial in the high profile legal battle between actress Nicollette Sheridan and Touchstone Television Productions. The overseer sent jurors back on three separate occasions after they told her the vote was deadlocked eight-to-four in favor of Sheridan, but in the end, no one was willing to sway his or her vote. In a criminal trial, the push toward further talks probably would have been seen as fruitless, but in a civil trial, one side only needs nine votes for a verdict.

According to The Los Angeles Times, it’s widely assumed another trial will follow shortly and both sides will probably continue to sport high-end attorneys. There’s just simply too much money at stake for anything else. A jury’s award could potentially swell into the eight figure range, and that’s not exactly the type of money anyone would take lately.

For those who didn’t follow the case, the crux of the lawsuit basically boiled down to why Nicollette Sheridan’s character was killed off on Desperate Housewives. During a rehearsal while she was on the show, headman Marc Cherry made contact with the actress’ face. She complained the slap, while not that hard, was completely inappropriate. He argued he was simply demonstrating how he wanted her to playfully slap her husband during the upcoming scene. Cherry was originally a co-defendant, but the judge threw out the portion of the lawsuit directed at him, leaving Touchstone to bare sole responsibility if it was proven she was, in fact, fired for causing a scene after the physical contact.

We’ll keep you updated once details of a second trial start to emerge.

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