Recent repots that new American Idol judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey aren't getting along could be exaggerations, or perhaps the rumors are true that one of them could end up exiting the series if things can't be worked out at the judges table. At the very least, we may be in for a very tension-filled season come next year when the singing competition resumes. That remains to be seen, but the reports of some feuding between the two artists inspired us to reflect on some of the other behind-the-scenes feuds that have spiraled out of control and resulted in major changes to the series.

Remember when Shannen Doherty left Beverly Hills, 90210? Or when Dr. Burke left Cristina on Grey's Anatomy after the controversy involving Isaiah Washington? Just like with any work environment, not everyone is going to get along, but when it happens on a TV show, it can really leave a mark on the series involved, changing the face of the show from that point forward. Here are a some examples of memorable backstage feuds.

Two and a Half Men - Charlie Sheen
In recent years there may have been no more publicized feud than that of Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre on Two and a Half Men - if it can be called a feud. It might be more accurate to call it a train wreck. In 2012, the hit sitcom took a hiatus in the midst of the eighth season while Sheen went into rehab. Apparently it didn’t help - production was suspended not long after due to Sheen’s public slam of Lorre, the show’s creator, on a radio show in which he called Lorre a “turd”. Sheen continue to assault Lorre in an interview with TMZ and a follow-up open letter both filled with bizarre rants.

The public meltdown reached epic proportions in a hurry; Sheen took to Twitter to continue his raging assault, and Lorre and the rest of the show’s bigwigs quickly made a decision. They fired Sheen from the show two weeks after the February 24 radio interview. Sheen’s character, central to the series, was killed off. Season 9 opened with a funeral, and Ashton Kutcher was brought in to replace him. While the show has managed to move past Sheen’s departure, it will never be quite the same.

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