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Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson Ties The Knot With Justin Mikita

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and longtime beau Justin Mikita finally tied the knot this weekend. The couple have long been advocates of gay marriage and opted to get married in New York, where gay marriage has been an option for gay couples for much longer than it has in California. The ceremony was held in downtown New York City on Saturday.

The couple has been engaged since last July, which gave the actor and his lawyer partner plenty of time to plan the ideal ceremony. Back in March, Ferguson admitted he had hired a wedding planner and even had plans in the works to sign on a bonified mixologist for the event. According to People, the couple also asked that guests not give gifts. In lieu of the gifts, they did ask that people donate to their marriage equality nonprofit, Tie the Knot, which sells bow ties in the effort to continue to promote marriage equality for all.

The wedding comes just a few weeks after the Supreme Court struck down a key portion of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. In California, gay marriage was also recently legalized. Some California-based celebrities have gotten on board with marriage in the state after the ruling was made final, most notably Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, who have abstained from marriage due to their gay friends not being able to marry prior.

Ferguson and Mikita were engaged long before these legal changes were made and were in the throes of wedding planning when the court rulings happened. So, while Ferguson lives in California, he told The View a day after the Proposition 8 ruling emerged that he wouldn’t be changing his New York wedding plans.

"It wasn't legal in California up until yesterday. Weddings are expensive, y'all, and we wanted to give that money to a state that accepted us as an equal. We're too far down the planning path to change."

Ferguson didn’t have much to say about yesterday’s nuptials, but he did get in a quick Tweet before he went to bed last night.

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Pop Blend would like to wish the couple the very best in their first couple of months of marriage and for well after.

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