Mrs. Muppet: Jane Henson Dead From Cancer At 78

For decades alongside her beloved husband and for decades after his passing, Jane Henson gave the world an almost uncountable number of smiles. In addition to raising five kids, she did extensive puppet work on Sesame Street and most of the Muppet-related projects. She also trained beloved puppeteer Frank Oz, hired current Kermit voice Steve Whitmire and created an environment in which Jim Henson and his co-workers could lovingly create. Jane passed away this morning after a lengthy battle with cancer, leaving behind generations of children who learned kindness, sharing and a host of other lessons from her family’s legacy. She was only seventy-eight.

Jane and Jim first met back in college at the University of Maryland. Later, he hired her to work on his television endeavor Sam And Friends and even left her in charge for months while he traveled Europe. Eventually, the two started dating, married and had three daughters and two sons. In all, they were together for almost three decades before they legally separated in the late 80s. By all accounts, the two remained close as they worked through marriage problems, and when he died suddenly, she devoted much of her life to making sure his work will live on.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the Henson family, as well as everyone else who worked on or appreciated any of Jane and Jim’s magic over the years. They were truly a wonderful partnership. With any luck, we’ll continue appreciating it for decades to come.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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