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Neil Patrick Harris Literally Went Blind For Beastly Role

Actor Neil Patrick Harris took his role as a blind tutor in new fantasy film Beastly so seriously, he had special opaque contact lenses made to ensure his portrayal was as convincing as possible.

The How I Met You Mother funnyman admits he had concerns about how best to play the part, so he decided to go all the way and actually shot his scenes while his vision was completely blacked out.

He says, "Playing a blind man, I didn't know the best way to approach it right, because I can see. I thought it would be more difficult and more convoluted to, if I was to reach for a glass in the scene, to pretend like I was reaching for the glass without actually seeing. So I went to an eye doctor and he got me lenses that were totally opaque, so I genuinely couldn't see anything while I was filming it, which was great... I couldn't see a thing."

Beastly, a modern retelling of classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast, also stars Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. (MT/WNV/KL)

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