For months, fans have been debating whether Drake or Chris Brown was more responsible for the vicious brawl at WIP nightclub that left numerous partygoers injured. After a lengthy investigation, it turns out the authorities aren’t sure either. They interviewed numerous witnesses and checked the security footage, but nothing could completely make sense of exactly what happened. Consequently, no charges will be filed against either musician or any of their entourage members.

According to TMZ, the police had two primary problems in trying to discover who was actually at fault. First, the club’s security footage was reportedly grainy, dark and ultimately useless. Second, most of the people who agreed to be interviewed about what happened gave different accounts and different timelines. So, in the end, there was really no accurate way to determine what really happened beyond the basic framework.

Back in June, Drake and Brown found themselves at WIP nightclub in the VIP section. Brown sent a bottle over to Drake’s table, and it was supposedly returned unopened, a big slap in the face. Some shouting reportedly began, and at some point, someone heaved a bottle, setting in motion a mass brawl that left numerous people including Tony Parker injured. Several lawsuits have since been filed, but considering the police can’t make sense of what happened, it’s unlikely a jury will be able to.

We’ll keep you updated if there are any new developments.

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