Nelly was shocked when border patrol agents discovered thirty-six baggies of heroin, ten pounds of weed and a loaded gun on his tour bus. Apparently, he was never asked nor did he ever give permission for Brian Keith Jones to store his stash inside the vehicle, and now, the guilty party is going to have to face the consequences alone.

That’s the word coming out of Nelly’s camp. The rapper told TMZ what happened was “unfortunate” but didn’t involve any of the six other guys on the bus. Cops let all of them go once the initial investigation was completed, and it’s highly unlikely any of them will face charges related to this specific matter anytime in the near future.

The incident in question occurred last night during a routine search in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Numerous other celebrities including Armie Hammer and Fiona Apple have been busted in the same area before, and when drug sniffing dogs were brought around, they hit on all the items in the tour bus.

There’s a big difference between smoking a little weed and having ten pounds of it. There’s an even bigger difference between having ten pounds of weed and having any heroin. Nothing good comes of that. Hopefully, Nelly wasn’t involved in any of this in the slightest and can go back and continue to make music.

In the meantime, if you’re carrying, stay the hell out of Sierra Blana, Texas.

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