Nick Lachey Happy With New Wife Vanessa Minnillo, But Is She An Upgrade Over Jessica Simpson?

It’s been two weeks since Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo vowed to love each other forever, and the former pop star couldn’t be happier with his wife choice. He’s told all who will listen that he’s settling nicely into his new role of husband and is looking forward to a long and happy future with his bride. I believe him. Every photograph I’ve ever seen of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo together has featured almost comically large smiles.

That level of happiness seems fitting for a blushing bride about to go to work on a game show devoted to people falling down. According to People, Lachey has been badgering Minnillo for months to let him have fun on the Wipeout set, but she’s yet to acquiesce to his demands. That’s probably better. Relationships are usually more healthy when neither party is a complete pushover.

I think these two are going to last the test of time, which is weird because I typically think ninety-five percent of celebrity couples have already broken up and just kept it well hidden. So, Vanessa Minnillo wins out over Jessica Simpson without debate in my mind, but you’d be surprised how many people disagree with me. Skinny, averaged sized or a little chubbier, regardless of her size, Jessica Simpson has a slew of obsessed fans who idolize her as some sort of dream woman. Maybe I just watched too many episodes of Newlyweds.

What do you think? Is Vanessa Minnillo an upgrade over Jessica Simpson or should Nick have begged his first wife to stay? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

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