Terminator 3 actor Nick Stahl’s past few months have been filled with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. He was reported missing by his wife back in May. A few days later, he emailed his loved ones to say he was okay and in rehab. Unfortunately, he walked out the door before completing treatment and promptly vanished again, leaving his wife so angry she decided not to involve the public or the police in another search. With little being said about the situation over the past couple of weeks, many assumed the worst, but it turns out those fears may have been misplaced.

According to TMZ, Stahl is back to attending his AA classes and getting along with his family. He reportedly hasn’t been given the keys to the family home back yet, but he’s rapidly improving and seems to be on the straight and narrow. He hasn’t commented publically on where he was for all that time, but assumedly, those answers will come, hopefully in an exuberant, funny and touching late night appearance where he announces a new movie role.

Addiction is fought over the long haul, one claim to forward progress at a time. Pop Blend wishes Nick nothing but the best in his quest to get better. Anyone who has seen Bully knows he’s a hell of an actor. Here’s to hoping he gets in front of the camera again where he belongs.

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