Deep down, every soon-to-be-parent has a preference as to whether they’d like a boy or girl. The scale might not be tipped completely to one side, but alone with their thoughts, there’s a great push to one side or the other. Unlike most future moms, Vanessa Lachey came out and admitted after she got pregnant that she’d always hoped a boy would come first, and now, it seems as if she’s getting her wish.

The Wipeout star took to her website to let fans know she and husband Nick Lachey found out they’re having a boy. As for potential names, the couple is still playing it close to the vest, either because they’re secretive or they haven’t decided, but given the little guy isn’t due until September, there’s still plenty of time to hunt through baby name books.

Earlier this week, Vanessa unleashed the greatest pregnancy photo ever onto the world, which in retrospect, now seems like the perfect way to preempt her big announcement. As a habitual user of social media sites, her biggest fans will no doubt get almost daily updates from this point forward about how everything is coming along, but with any luck, it will be so routine that the next big announcement won’t come until she’s in labor.

Pop Blend wishes Nick and Vanessa nothing but the best as they eagerly await their newest family member.

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