For all of those individuals who have ever signed up for a dating site and found themselves with not enough time to invest in searching for dates, or too few dates in general, OK Cupid seems to think they have the answer for needy clients. Of course, that answer can be found in an app.

The new app, called Crazy Blind Date, was conceived after OK Cupid employees looked into users’ 'pain points,' that is, the biggest problems users might have with the site. Instead of having users spend hours searching the sites for potential companions, which is a pain point, those invested in finding dates can use the Crazy Blind Date app to secure a quick date. The app uses an algorithm that will input your information and match it up with a limited number of dates a person can then choose from. According to Forbes, research the company has accomplished in the past has found that people don’t want to spend an unlimited amount of time choosing a potential date and the app will eliminate that.

The great news is that if this sounds like something you might be interested in, you don’t have to wait. Crazy Blind Date launched on Tuesday via Google Play as well as iTunes, and downloading the app is free. There is a catch, however. Once the blind dates go down, users are asked to rate the date via a system called kudos. So, not only is there probably going to be an awkward date involved, users might live in fear of being rated poorly. Of course, that’s all circumspect from a non-dater, and hopefully the app will give OK Cupid perusers a chance to get out on dates more often.

Photo Credit @Forbes

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