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When Octomom Nadya Suleman first decided to take on a stripping job, many people wondered if she could handle the judgmental comments of the general public. It turns out her future co-workers were the bigger problem. After several gave interviews in which they offered very negative comments about the mother of fourteen, she decided to pull out of the gig this morning, leaving curious fans with no choice but to wait for her upcoming porno to see what’s under the dress.

According to TMZ, Suleman also wasn’t very pleased about a manager of the club inferring she might be willing to lose the bottoms for a bit more money. Octomom was very clear she’d only go topless during her shows and wouldn’t give lapdances. She was apparently intent on treating the evenings as more of performances, while the club was more excited about her operating like a standard stripper.

With all the whispers and all the questions, stripping for a few nights, even if it was for a few thousand dollars, just wasn’t worth it. Given the potential earning power of taking off her clothes vs working another job, I wouldn’t be surprised if Octomom takes an opportunity like this in the future, but for now, it seems unlikely it’ll be in West Palm Beach, Florida at T’s Lounge.