Patrick Dempsey Does His Best McDreamy To Help An Injured Teen

Between all of his saving lives on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and playing the hero in Disney’s Enchanted, it seems Patrick Dempsey might be getting a bit of a hero complex. Unlike most celebrities in that position however, the actor recently was able to help someone in a big way.

Dempsey lives in Malibu, California. On Tuesday, McDreamy was hanging out in his home in the early evening when there was a noise outside. A teen driver spun off the road after losing control, flipping his car multiple times before landing it smack dab in the middle of Dempsey’s yard. The teen driver was shook up and later turned out to have a concussion, but at the time, he just needed to get out of his completely wrecked vehicle. TMZ is reporting the 46 year-old ran out with a crowbar and rescued the kid, while Us Weekly is proclaiming he came out with a fire extinguisher, but either way, Dempsey helped the teen to safety and in the process saved the day.

The act of kindness was probably more than half gut reaction – I’m unsure I know anyone who would not try to run out and do something if someone crashed a vehicle into his or her yard. Still, I’m sure Dempsey was happy to help the kid to safety…and was also happy the car did not land in the center of his living room.