Paul McCartney Used To Think Vegetarians Were Wimps

It shouldn’t be a surprise Sir Paul McCartney was not always a vegetarian. He grew up in the 1950s, a decade where breakfast was hearty and vegetarians were scarce. In fact, according to the man himself, as a lad he would have thought any vegetarians he met were absolute “wimps.”

The famed Beatle recently spoke out about a project he created to commemorate his and his now-deceased wife Linda McCartney’s love for animals. During the blog post, which was written for The Huffington Post the man discussed why he still supports vegetarianism and how happy he is to see vegetarian items becoming more prominent on menus.

“Even 20 years ago, it could sometimes be difficult to find vegetarian options in good restaurants. Now it's great to see more and more choice with some brilliant creative dishes in restaurants, cafés and supermarkets. There is definitely now an overall greater acceptance of being vegetarian. “

Today’s world is a far cry from the one McCartney grew up in, where vegetarians were seen as lacking in toughness and the boys growing up were often not particularly kind to people who thought differently and McCartney readily admits these differences.

“Growing up in Liverpool, I would have thought of a vegetarian as a wimp. We could be a prejudiced bunch at times but I'm not sure people would automatically think like that these days.”

It’s a good thing Linda helped him to change his attitude, as I’m sure having someone as renowned and confident as McCartney helps out the vegetarian label more than a little bit, although I for one am certainly not willing to give up on the occasional Fatburger meal, yet.

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Jessica Rawden
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