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Paul McDonald And Nikki Reed Have Decided To Go Their Separate Ways

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald may have fallen madly in love almost immediately after meeting, but sadly, it seems their whirlwind romance proved to be just just a passing storm. The two announced this weekend that they’ve decided to split up after about two and a half years of marriage.

McDonald was on American Idol a few seasons ago. Through that stint, he met Reed at the Hollywood premiere of Red Riding Hood in March of 2011. They hit it off almost immediately and by June of that same year, they were engaged. They tied the knot in October and have spent the time since writing songs together and telling the world how madly they’re in love. Apparently it wasn’t that simple.

According to US Weekly, McDonald and Reed started living separately about six months ago. If the couple’s representative is to be believed, the move was forced by work obligations. Regardless, they drifted apart during that separation and now are moving in different directions.

Fortunately for fans of the music Reed and McDonald have produced together, there is a silver lining. The break-up is reportedly amiable enough that they will continue work on the album they stared. It’s called I’m Not Falling, and it’s (still) scheduled to be released sometime later this year.

Both Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are incredibly talented performers. She’s found a lot of success in Hollywood over the years, and she has a number of interesting projects coming up, including one written by Joss Whedon and another about a cat murder. As for McDonald, he was eliminated far too early on Idol but has managed to build a nice little career for himself. Hopefully, he’ll be able to use the extra time and feelings he has right now to write a song that truly breaks him into the mainstream.

You can check out the now ex-couple singing together below…

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