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Over the past two decades, the guys from Pearl Jam have left their mark on popular culture. Although I’m not a fan, even this writer can’t deny that the Seattle based rock outfit has made some pretty great albums and earned their place in rock history. That’s why today’s news is a delightful, albeit frustrating one, especially for their actual fans. Back in July the band announced their newest album in 4 years, called Lighting Bolt, but instead of giving us another taste of the record, today they’ve released a short film based on the making of the record, with conversations from some surprising guests.

Directed by filmmaker Danny Clinch, who has worked with Pearl Jam before, the film features lead singer Eddie Vedder driving around a sunny Seattle, clips from their recent performances, and conversations with, get this, Judd Apatow(!), Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein, surfer Mark Richards, Wild Flag, and NFL safety Steve Gleason! It's an incredible list of guest appearances for such a short film with a run time of 9 minutes. Alas, I wouldn’t expect anything less from PJ.

Lighting Bolt doesn’t come out until October 15th, but I’m sure their fans are happy with whatever they get between now and then. In steep contrast to this bright and sunny short film with some serious star power, just a few weeks ago they released a music video for the lead single off their new album, Sirens, which was a dark and moody affair.

Besides waiting another few weeks for their new LP to drop, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of this famous grunge band from the 90's. Their tenth LP is dropping soon and now they also have a short film to salivate over. The band has been around for years, and its undeniable the mark they’ve left. If you want to pick up a copy for yourself, Lighting Bolt is currently on pre-order through Amazon before its release October 15th, via Republic records. I guess the dream of 90’s is still alive. For further proof, check out this clip from Portlandia:

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