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Those clever Bad Lip Readers are at it again. The YouTube Channel, which offers a variety of amusingly dubbed videos, had had a little fun with last week's presidential debate. See their version of the debate, which includes music, longing gazes and some nonsensical statements.

For those unfamiliar with the Bad Lip Reading YouTube Channel, what they do is mute the audio from movies, music videos, soundbites, etc and replace it with their own dialogue or lyrics, set to match the mouths of the people on screen, making it look like this is what they're actually saying - or what a bad lip reader might get from the way their mouths are moving. Often times, the sentences are nonsensical, which works for silly humor, but sometimes they come up with some funny lines and dialogue, and it's impressive to see the way they find new words to match their mouths.

The latest video posted pulls footage from the presidential debate and changes the words of Mitt Romney, President Obama and moderate Jim Lehrer.

"I don't wanna touch sandpaper."
"I like The Wiz.

I think President Obama might come out on top in this version (minus the snoring, probably). And Lehrer's presence is much stronger. Plus, there's more music, which is always a win. "Eye of the sparrow, this girl slipped on my arrow." I get it, man.

BadLipReading has a whole video dedicated to Mitt Romney here. Politics not your thing? Looking for something with a bit more angst? See what BadLipReading did with Twilight here and The Hunger Games here.

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