When some fans try to explain the greatness of Disney music, they bring up a handful of the brilliant minds like Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, Elton John, Tim Rice and Frank Churchill who have written many of the classic songs. Others like to point to the litany of Academy Awards wins and nominations such songs have accrued over the years. I, oddly, like to point to something far weirder. There’s a Sporcle Quiz people can take of the 100 most popular Disney songs of all-time and more than twenty-five percent of the people who have taken it have gotten more than half of the songs on the list. That’s astounding, and it speaks to the crazy depth of the catalog.

The above video isn’t really about depth, however. It’s a medley of a handful of classic Disney songs put together by YouTube all-stars Peter Hollens and Alex G in order to hype the upcoming Disney Classics Box Set, and unlike the majority of pieces of promotional material, it’s incredibly enjoyable on its own. In fact, my only complaint, which is shared by many commentators, is that the track isn’t long enough to cover even a fraction of the studio’s classic hits. I want “When She Loved Me”, “The Bare Necessities” and “Cruella De Vil”. Fortunately, the medley is long enough to make its way through Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and more.

If you feel like keeping the magic alive for a few more minutes, you can check out “I See The Light” from Tangled, one of the most underrated Disney movies of all-time…

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