Queen Elizabeth II Buys Famous Andy Warhol Pop Art Prints Of Herself

When I think of the décor that Queen Elizabeth II usually surrounds herself, I generally think of rich fabrics, and intricate woodworkings, as well as a few classic and historically relevant paintings that might spice up any castle. Oddly enough, Queen Elizabeth recently bought some new art, and not only is it a little bit narcissictic, it’s also not remotely classical.

When I say “new” art, I mean Queen Elizabeth II has bought art from Andy Warhol’s screen print collection. Each of the four prints bought by the Queen are actually from a photograph the Queen sat for in 1975. In 1977, Peter Grugeon’s photos were released, and in 1985 Warhol made turned them into the brightly colored works of art that are famous today.

The Daily Mail is reporting the UK’s Royal Collection technically bought the print’s to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee, which is fitting, since the photos used for the portraits were initially used for the Queen’s silver jubilee celebration. I love it when art comes full circle.

The really cool thing about the purchase, however, is that the pop art pictures will be on display at Windsor Castle between November of this year and June of next year as part of “The Queen: Portraits of a Monarch at Windsor Castle” exhibit. Sounds pretty dandy.