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For the second time this year, Randy Travis has been arrested for an utterly bizarre alcohol-related offense. Last night, the singer reportedly crashed his car in Texas just before midnight. Authorities arrived on the scene not long afterwards and were reportedly met by Travis, who was completely naked. Whether he started out driving his car naked or stripped for the cops is unclear, but the whole nakedness thing plus the crash convinced officers to ask the country legend to take a breathalyzer test.

According to TMZ, Travis refused and was immediately arrested. Unfortunately for him, cops are alleging he resisted and made threats, which, under Texas law, is considered felony retaliation. At the station, his blood was drawn to discern his legal drunkenness, but it’s unclear if those results will ever be made public.

Back in February, Travis allegedly got into an altercation with his girlfriend and decided to set up shop directly in front of a church with some alcohol. At the time, most people considered the incident a humorous mistake, but in light of what happened last night, it now seems indicative of a larger problem.

At fifty-three and still at war with his ex-wife, Travis probably needs to get his act together sooner rather than later. Here’s to hoping these DWI and retaliation charges will prove the kicks in the ass he needs to get on the straight and narrow, or at least to keep his clothes on in public.


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