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People always talk about going back in time and playing the lottery. I wish I could go back in time to tell a young version of myself to buy up generic domain names and claim simple Twitter handles. Sites like sex.com and diamond.com have sold for seven figures, and while tweet addresses don’t do that well, it seems some people can at least get a free vacation out of a desired name.

According to MTV, Rob Bertholf picked up the handle @rob not long after Twitter started. A few years back, he was offered twenty-five thousand dollars to relinquish his rights to the name. He apparently turned it down because he didn’t want to adjust all the profiles he has already linked in, but now it seems another party has joined the bidding war.

MTV star Rob Dyrdek sent Bertholf a message earlier this week asking if he’d like to trade his handle for a sweet vacation or a nice watch. Considering the offer he turned down before, it’s unlikely he’ll jump at either. Apparently, he wants six figures to turn @rob into @something else, but as of press time, it’s not known whether Dyrdek will up his offer. I can’t imagine shelling out a hundred thousand dollars to shorten one’s Twitter handle, but if the goofy mogul is feeling generous, I could see him going higher than twenty-five K.

We’ll see what address Dyrdek tweets from in the coming days.

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