Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might not be willing to officially announce whether they’re boyfriend/ girlfriend, just friends or in some strange limbo, but as the weeks pass, the Twilight co-stars are allowing themselves to be seen together in public. Over the weekend, they made the latest such appearance at Hollywood’s famed Chateau Marmont, and if witnesses are to be believed, there was no weirdness between the two.

According to US Magazine, one of Pattinson and Stewart’s friends was celebrating a birthday in the garden outside the hotel, and they showed up together to pay their respects. Rob, wearing one of his trademark baseball caps, supposedly spent the evening largely glued to Kristen’s side, having whispered conversations.

Most gossip outlets seem pretty confident the two have moved back in together and are once again dating. Even if they are, after the obnoxiousness that happened following her cheating scandal, there’s now way either of them would be excited about opening that door again. They’ll continue to drift along like this for months or even years before they either get married or officially go their separate ways.

Life is too short to not spend it with the people you love. If Rob and Kristen would rather hang out with each other than anyone else in the world, they should do exactly that.

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