Rob Pattinson is going on The Daily Show on Monday to promote his new film Cosmopolis. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a very important turn of events, but considering no one has heard from him since his live-in girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, cheated on him with Rupert Sanders, his appearance is obviously generating a lot more interest.

According to Gossip Cop, the interview was scheduled months before the actor’s life devolved into a series of gossip headlines, but now that it has, it’ll be fascinating to see whether Pattinson overtly talks about, vaguely references or completely ignores Stewart’s infidelity.

During their relationship, the Twilight co-stars got incredibly good at not talking about each other or their relationship. Pattinson especially avoided all questions about his lady friend with an almost impressive determination. Unfortunately, this latest scandal has been so public that it could well overshadow everything he tries to do until he breaks his silence. Oddly, talking about his personal life may be the only way to get people to stop obsessing about his personal life.

If he tells Jon Stewart not to bring the subject up, I’m fairly confident the host will stay away from it. He’s a professional, and he’s never been very gossipy. If nothing is said, however, Stewart will ask because, well, people really want to know what he’s thinking. It’ll ultimately come down to Rob’s preference.

Will he stick with his typical no personal questions rule, or will he make an exception so people will stop speculating on his viewpoint? What do you think will happen? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will Rob Talk About Kristen?

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