Old people might have a reputation for complaining, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a percentage of pensioners who put their heads down and take care of business. Take this Russian grandmother as an example. She was working as a shepherd last week when a wolf started attacking one of the calves. Instead of running for cover or alerting someone else, she went after the predator herself.

The wolf got in a few good shots, but ultimately, he was felled courtesy of an axe blow delivered by the grandmother. Take a look at the victor talk about her harrowing experience in the following broadcast…

I get nailing a wolf with a perfect axe blow. What truly amazes me is how calm this woman was under pressure. She’s an improvising genius. First, she was going to shove her fist down his throat. When that didn’t work, she decided to go for the axe blow without ever losing her nerve. I’d like to think most of us could keep our nerves as well, but deep down, I know pretty much all of us would freeze.

Here’s to hoping this woman is never on the news again. Because if she’s on the news again, that means she probably had to kill another wolf.

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