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Last year, pretty much everyone in the entire world not on People Magazine’s staff assumed Ryan Gosling would walk away with the Sexiest Man of the Year title. That didn’t happen. Bradley Cooper somehow snuck in and stole Gosling’s thunder, and without any new films this year, the handsome actor lost out again to Channing Tatum.

It’s hard to argue with Tatum’s selection. In fact, given Magic Mike’s incredible success, he probably was the correct choice this year. He’s the one with buzz, street cred and an upward trajectory. Gosling is kind of just treading water, but that being said, that handsome bastard really does deserve to win at some point.

Next year, Gosling has three movies coming out. With any luck, at least one of them will be a big hit, and in all likelihood, he’ll once again be a competitor for People’s Sexiest Man of the Year title. I’d like to think his time is coming. I’d like to think he’ll nab the award at some point, but I would have bet a lot of money he’d take the title last year.

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Will Gosling Ever Win Sexiest Man?

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