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The long strange journey of former Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf has taken another sad turn. The thirty-five-year-old was arrested Friday by Montana police for drug possession and burglary. Authorities are being decidedly mum on the particular facts of the case, possibly because Great Falls is Leaf’s hometown, but the accused has been released on bail.

According to ESPN, Leaf released a vague statement yesterday admitting he has “no excuses” for the mistakes he made and will discuss details about what happened in the coming days. Look for those words to potentially be released as early as Monday after the former Washington State star appears in court to answer the charges.

Leaf was drafted second overall by the San Diego Chargers in the 1998 draft, but his tenure with the team was marked more by very public arguments and accusations than solid play. Problems with his wrist and more conflicts with teammates soon arose before he was officially cut by the team in 2001. He bounced around to a few more organizations before eventually retiring at the age of twenty-six. He later took a job as a college quarterbacks coach but was suspended and later fired after a grand jury indicted him for burglary and drug possession.

It would now appear Leaf’s problems with pills have once again caught up with the talented former quarterback, but until he or the police speak publicly on that matter, we won’t know exactly what happened. Regardless, Pop Blend wishes Leaf the best in getting his life together.

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