Ryan Lochte’s quest to prove he’s the frattiest twenty-something in America is going great. The Olympic swimmer is moving forward with plans to trademark his favorite catchphrase “Jeah!”, which he adapted from Young Jeezy’s “Chea!”, and he’s already begun selling novelty t-shirts and annoyingly bright sunglasses with the phrase emblazoned on top.

According to TMZ, Lochte would like to eventually get “Jeah” put on swimsuits, trading cards and drinking glasses. No word on what those classy products would sell for, but I’m sure he’ll let us know shortly, at least when he gets a few more acting roles out of the way.

The gold medalist recently filmed a spot for 90210, but if all goes well, he’d like to have a part in, you guessed it, the Entourage movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lochte’s agent says his client is still shuffling three reality show offers, but he reportedly won’t decide whether or not to take one until he’s able to figure out if it will interfere too much with swimming. The athlete might be eating up all the recent attention, but his overall goal is still to go to Rio in four years.

We’ll keep you updated as Lochte picks a lane moving forward. I would be shocked if he didn’t find a way to make the reality show fit into his schedule, but how the resulting product might fare is anyone's guess.

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