Sally Field Tied Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Bowtie On The Way To The Oscars

Not long after arriving on the Academy Awards red carpet, Joseph Gordon-Levitt told host/ live television all-star Ryan Seacrest that he isn't particularly competent at bowties and had to have his Lincoln co-star Sally Field actually tie it for him. At the time, it kind of sounded like a self-deprecating exaggeration, but it turns out, he was being completely, one hundred percent honest. And he has the visual evidence to prove it.

Here's what JGL sent out on his Tumblr account right before the ceremony started…

If ever evidence was needed was needed as to how hilariously ordinary actors and actresses really are, this is it. This same exact scene happens millions of times a year right before proms and weddings. In fact, if I had a dollar for every time I needed an older woman to tie a bowtie for me, I would have two dollars, which may or may not be one more dollar than JGL would have if he were offered a similar deal.

Here's to hoping the impromptu bowtie incident brought Field and JGL just a little bit closer and allowed the actor to relax without worrying about whether or not he'd end up on E!'s worst dress list, which would be quite an accomplishment given he's a man.

Mack Rawden
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