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Neither Katie Holmes nor Tom Cruise has spoken at length about what led her to file for divorce, but numerous sources close to the couple are now pointing the finger at his close ties to Scientology. The actor joined the church back in 1990 and has been a very outspoken advocate ever since. When he married Holmes, she too began dabbling in Scientology, but she was reportedly not nearly as on board as her husband.

According to TMZ, Holmes began growing concerned over the past few months about her whether their daughter Suri would be indoctrinated into Scientology teachings. That fear reportedly pushed Katie to file the divorce papers and seek sole custody, allowing her to raise the girl without the church’s influence. If she has her way, the fight will take place in New York, which is a state known for preferring sole custody, as opposed to California which often awards joint custody.

I’m not exactly sure why Holmes didn’t see this coming years ago, but given Suri’s advanced aged, now is around the time she’d start committing to the church full time. Obviously, the actress saw that progression happening and decided something needed to be done.

It’s unclear when the divorce proceedings might actually begin, but whenever that does happen, expect the fight to be long, nasty and expensive. Everyone involved here has plenty of resources and clearly is very firm in his or her opinions.

It’s sad to see a relationship dissolve over religion, especially when everyone involved knew the belief systems going in. Pop Blend's thoughts go out to Suri in this difficult time.

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