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See Nicki Minaj Rock Pasties To Hype Her Kmart Collection

Apparently it’s double take day. This morning, Kim Kardashian dropped a side boob-tastic, new mom bikini picture, and now, Nicki Minaj has turned more than her share of heads with a series of photographs displaying damn near all of her above-average, upper-half assets.

The above picture was dropped on Instagram this afternoon. It was just one of several featuring the hip hop icon/ former American Idol judge sans top and rocking leopard print pasties. The one in question asked fans if she should consider adding the nipple covers to her upcoming spring collection at Kmart.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Minaj was looking to score some boob-induced publicity (or boobicity) for her current collection inside the store or if she just wanted to show off her super cleavage, but regardless of her intentions, something tells me her superiors over at Kmart are pretty stoked about the decision she made. After all, more than one hundred and twelve thousand people have already liked the pasties picture; so, God only knows how many more have seen the shot and been reminded she’s got some clothes for sale.

Minaj has always been a woman who marches to the beat of her own drummer. Sometimes that involves being hyper-sexual. Sometimes that involves being informed and outspoken. One hundred percent of the time, it makes her a great rock star.

You can check out another fierce pick of Nicki’s from the same series below…


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