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You know all the plagiarizing Shia LaBeouf has done lately? You know all the absurd weirdness that has spewed forth from his mouth over the last month or so? Well, if he’s to be believed, it was all a Joaquin Phoenix style commentary on popular culture that he faked in order to start a society-wide conversation about plagiarism. Seriously, that’s the way he’s decided to spin this.

The actor, who has somehow entered the Amanda Bynes/ Lindsay Lohan behavior doubletake level, took to his Twitter on Monday night to drop a bizarre explanation for everything he’s done lately, and well, it needs to be read to be believed. It’s since been deleted, but you can take a look at it, courtesy of The New York Daily News

We do need to have a conversation about what is and is not plagiarism and what credit is required to give other people for using their work as a jumping off point, but even if he really intended for this to happen all along, which is debatable, I’m not sure this was anywhere close to the right way to go about it. All he’s done over the past month is piss damn near everyone off and convince a high percentage of people that he’s a drugged out wannabe English major. This manifesto only hammers home that point even further.

It’s unclear why LaBeouf later decided to get rid of the above manifesto or a second one in which he explained performance art, but there’s really very little reason to guess at LaBeouf's motives right now. He’s marching to the beat of his own drummer, and it’s unlikely that’s going to change anytime soon.

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