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For the first time since Rupert Sanders was photographed in the midst of cheating on his wife with Kristen Stewart, the director was spotted out and about in the company of his wife, Liberty Ross. The Snow White and the Huntsman helmer has made no secret about wanting to keep his family together. So, on the one hand, it had to be reassuring to Sanders that his wife actually spent time with him. Unfortunately, there’s another fact that tempers the whole meeting.

According to E! Online, Sanders had on his wedding ring, but Ross did not. That marks the second time in two days she’s left the house without her symbol of commitment, though with no divorce paperwork filed, it could well just be a way of getting back at her husband for his incredibly public betrayal.

There’s no telling what the future might hold. If there wasn’t a chance of a reconciliation, Ross would have already said she was getting a divorce. Thus, the future is probably still being weighed in Ross’ mind. Some observers think she should try to make it work for the children. Others think she would be doing everyone a disservice by staying with him after he went behind her back.

What do you think? Should she try and make it work, or should she just bail now? Let us know your thoughts by voting gin the poll below…

Should Liberty Give Rupert A Second Chance?

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