Should Madonna Keep Quiet About Her Political Views?

Madonna has always been an outspoken woman. During her three decades in the public eye, she’s touched on just about every taboo subject imaginable. More often than not, her fans have embraced that willingness to shoot from the hip, but during a concert in New Orleans over the weekend, the audience noticeably pushed back.

Speaking to the crowd in Louisiana, Madonna said she didn’t care who anyone voted for, provided they all picked President Barack Obama when they went to the polls. The pop star probably expected applause or at least silence after her endorsement, but it was immediately met with boos. Some members of the audience actually got up and left in protest.

As entertainers go, musicians tend to be some of the most open about putting their beliefs on record. Many a stage has been turned into a soap box for performers to advocate beliefs as eternal and wide-reaching as equality and as narrow as a candidate in one specific race. A certain percentage of people love the clear connection between music and politics, and a certain percentage of people think performers should focus on playing music when they’re being paid to give a concert.

What do you think when it comes to Madonna? Should she use her stage as a forum for discussing the political issues that matter to her, or should she let the audience enjoy a dozen or so songs without hearing who she’s going to vote for in the upcoming election? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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