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Beatles Auction

Apparently, the Beatles are worth more as a group than they are worth individually. An auction held on Saturday pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars for Beatles memorabilia, but a signed album took home the cake in Dallas auctioneer Heritage’s Entertainment & Memorabilia Signature Auction.

The album sold was a 1967 mono copy of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Before the auction, Heritage called the piece one of the most “spectacular jewels” in the auction. The copy was signed by all four Beatles—John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr—and was expected to bring in around $30,000. It ended up doing far better than that, pulling in $290,500 after a lengthy bidding war ensued between an Internet and phone bidder, according to Dallas News. The previous record for Beatles memorabilia was $150,000.

While not as impressive as the money brought in for Dorothy’s one-of-a-kind Wizard of Oz dress, humorously, the signed record went for more than this girl’s virginity.

Beatles memorabilia is on the market all of the time. Back in November, a rare 10-song demo tape was announced to go up for auction. In the same Heritage auction, signed items featuring individual signatures from members of the Beatles were also for sale. Of these, an Abbey Road display cover signed by John Lennon brought in the most money, selling for $ 7812.50—still a far cry from the money that the Sgt. Pepper album brought in.

Photo [email protected] Heritage Auctions

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