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Will Smith might have thrown a convincing punch in Ali, but in his personal life, he apparently prefers the backhand. The actor was in Moscow for the premiere of Men In Black 3 when a Ukrainian reporter tried to parlay his hug into a surprise kiss on the lips. A shocked Smith shouted, “What the hell is your problem, buddy?” and then planted his hand across the reporter’s face.

The slap wasn’t exactly vicious, but it was clearly hard enough to let the dude know he wasn’t playing. Take a look at the footage below, courtesy of TMZ

The Ukrainian kisser in question reportedly does this type of thing all the time for laughs. Smith obviously didn’t know that when he consented to the hug. Then again, I’m sure the hugger didn’t know he was about to get yelled at and bitch slapped; so, I suppose they’re even.

Some observers have tried to spin this incident as a homophobic shame on Will Smith, but that seems a bit unfair. The actor is a noted supporter of gay marriage, and it’s not like the average straight dude enjoys getting kissed on the lips by another dude. The better question is did he overreact? Was the sneak attack kiss on the lips worth a backhand or should the reporter have simply gotten a verbal tongue lashing?

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