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So, Joe Namath's Super Bowl Coat Was Pretty Loud, Huh?

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Joe Namath has always been known for his swagger. The quarterback built his reputation on sex appeal and brash confidence, and apparently, that hasn’t gone away with age. The longtime Jets quarterback was invited to participate in the pre-game ceremony at the Super Bowl today. His job was to flip the coin, but he got a little too excited and flipped it way too early before anyone had even called it. Tomorrow, no one is going to be talking about that fact, or the fact that it landed on tails, however. Instead, they’ll be talking about that crazy coat seen above. He’s worn his share of furs before, but this one is a special brand of loud.

In almost all circumstances, the NFL is all about playing it safe. When you’re the most popular game in town, there’s no point in pushing the envelope or courting controversy. That’s why the Richard Sherman interview, despite being incredible television was bailed on so quickly, and that’s why former players who are generally considered messes aren’t often invited to participate. But Broadway Joe is obviously a special case. He famously embarrassed himself with sideline reporter Suzy Kolber live on the air and later sought help from alcoholism, but even so, you can’t hold the Big Game in New York City and not recognize the man responsible for its most memorable football-related moment.

This is normally the part of the article where I’d tell Joe to keep being Joe, but after seventy years, there’s no way in hell he’s ever going to change.

Mack Rawden

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