Fleeing from an accident is never the right call. Not only is it illegal and poor form morally, there’s also a very good chance you’ll still get tracked down. Numerous drivers have found that out the hard way over the years, and apparently, Soulja Boy is now among them.

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy’s red Bentley was allegedly involved in a pretty serious car accident in front of Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles back in January in Hollywood. The car supposedly made an aggressive and dangerous turn and because of it, contact was made with a motorcyclist who was seriously injured. At the time, no one got a good look at the license plate, but the valet at Roscoe’s allegedly recognized the car as Soulja Boy’s.

Armed with that information, the police allegedly used a network of security cameras placed around the city to identify the red Bentley with damage as belonging to Soulja Boy. By the time they headed to his house to conduct an interview, the car was fixed up, but authorities are apparently still convinced they’ve found the right car. As to whether or not he was actually driving at the time, however, it’s unclear. He wouldn’t be the first celebrity to have loaned his car out, though given the damage was fixed, we could be looking at a Nixonian Watergate coverup kinda thing. Regardless, cops have impounded the vehicle in question until further notice.

Soulja Boy has never been known for his brilliant decision making, but until something is actually proven here, it’s important to remember none of us know exactly what happened. He could have mowed this poor guy down, or he could have been off supermaning loose women at the time. We don't know. He hasn’t spoken on the record about the incident and neither have the police. If either party does, we will keep you updated. Until then, if you knock a motorcyclists down, act like a sensible person and pull over.

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