Down three-to-nothing to the San Antonio Spurs in their first round playoff series, the Los Angeles Lakers seem destined to be officially eliminated within a matter of days, but that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that’s followed the team this year. From going winless in the preseason to firing their coach to losing their beloved owner to seeing Kobe Bryant fall to injury, pretty much everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong, and apparently, that less than stellar run has extended off the court to at least one of the players’ personal lives too.

According to TMZ, former MVP Steve Nash is still fighting it out in court to keep his wife and children out of California and to not have to pay child support. Apparently, when the point guard and his wife divorced, he gave her millions of dollars. He reportedly thinks that money, coupled with the roughly thirty thousand dollars she makes a month and the school and insurance expenses he pays for, should be more than enough to handle their needs and wants. Anything more and he thinks they would simply be too spoiled. If his wife, Alejandra, is to be believed, however, Steve makes more than a million dollars a month, and his kids should be entitled to the privileges that come with that kind of earning power. A judge recently ruled in Steve’s favor and awarded her no child support, but she’s currently appealing the ruling.

Alejandra is publically saying she wants to move to California so the children can be closer to Steve. That might be true, but such a move would also make her far more likely to get more child support since California tends to be a little more liberal about such things than Arizona. We’ll keep you updated as this mess works its way through the legal system.

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