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Over the last few months, Suge Knight has been the one defending Katt Williams over the comedian’s numerous arrests, but now, it looks like the roles will need to be reversed. The music mogul was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday to clean up two separate incidents in which he was caught driving illegally. His punishment likely would have been some kind of community service, but when the proceedings started, he wasn’t there.

According to TMZ, he didn’t show up late either; so, the judge issued two separate bench warrants for his arrest, one in the amount of $5,000 and one in the amount of $30,000. For most people, the warrants would only really matter the next time they were pulled over, filled out paperwork or did anything else in which a background check needed to be run. Then, the outstanding warrants would be seen and they would be arrested. Unfortunately for Suge, since he’s extremely famous, most cops in the greater Los Angeles area will now be aware he has warrants out and could potentially arrest him inside a Fatburger or while he works out at the health club.

This is why taking care of legal matters as quickly is possible as the right call. Driving with a suspended license really isn’t a huge issue, but if you blow off court, it becomes a big problem. Now, Knight is either going to need to turn himself in or spend the next six months looking over his shoulder and getting nervous every time he sees a cop. Here’s to hoping he just bites the bullet and chooses the former.