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The National Football League may have had its share of bad publicity this year between the replacement referees and all the head injury concerns, but that doesn’t mean the executives aren’t also capable of great generosity. They announced this morning that they’re paying for twenty-six members of the Sandy Hook elementary school choir and their families to fly to New Orleans in order to perform a very special version of “America The Beautiful” alongside Jennifer Hudson.

According to USA Today, the performance will be broadcast live just a few minutes before Alicia Keys belts out the National Anthem. That means, while the gig will technically happen during the official Preshow, an extremely high percentage of the people watching the game will be tuned in by that point.

2012 might have been filled with unspeakable tragedy for the children who will perform, but this trip to New Orleans should serve as a wonderful reminder for both the kids and the larger community that life also contains plenty of incredible high moments. Whether they walk out onto the field and every single one hits every note or whether it’s an imperfect and pitchy nerve-fest, this moment should be something they all fondly take with them for decades and decades to come.

Pop Blend wishes the youngsters nothing but the best and sends out a serious hat tip to Hudson who, as always, is willing to help out in any way she can.